How much does it cost?
Our rates, per person, are competitive with the excursions offered to hotel and  cruise ship passengers. Remember, this is a private charter, you're only with people you like or the family.

So is private charter better? 
Depends. We provide a personal service. You have your own boat with crew. But if you enjoy being squeezed between a fat lady from Kentucky and a weirdo from Germany... 

Can we join a group instead of chartering the boat ourselves?
No.  We only offer private charter.

How do we book a trip?
First shoot us an email to check our availability on your travel dates. We will then respond with all the details.  

Should we book in advance?
Yes. We're always busy. Also, some trips will be re-scheduled due to weather.  Priority is always given to early bookers.

Can we book BahamaSteve at our hotel?
No. Almost all our business comes from recommendations and returning friends.  We don't need to advertise. 

How do we pay?
We only accept cash. US$ or local Bahamian we don't mind.  Pay as you board the boat.  

What do we need to bring with us?
Besides a sense of humor. Swimming costume, towel and beach wear.  Your biggest risk is sunburn, so bring sun-lotion and a cap. 

I'm not a great swimmer can I still snorkel?
Yes. You will wear a life vest and we will watch you like a hawk. Locations will be selected to suit your confidence and ability.

How many people can the boat carry?
We prefer around six plus two crew.  The boat can carry more, but it becomes crowded.

Is the crew licensed and safe?
We're fully licensed and insured in the Bahamas. The boat is in tip-top condition with all the required safety equipment.  Don't worry, we're professionals!  

How long will we be away?
Half Day 4-hours. Full Day 7 to 8 hours.  

Will the crew tell rude jokes and be politically incorrect?

What does Bahama Steve loathe?
French music. French food. French people. France. 

Has anyone been bitten while swimming with sharks?
Not from our boat. Seriously, reef and nurse sharks have no interest in humans.

I'm a good looking guy, can I wear a thong?
No. Thongs, banana hammocks and sausage slings are banned on or near the boat.

My wife moans and gets seasick, should I bring her?
No. Leave her at the hotel.  Even better, leave her at home.

I have a smoking hot girlfriend should I bring her?

Should we tip the crew?
Yes. Actually, it's not expected, but if you had a great time it's much appreciated.

Can I bring young children?
We love kids, but not babies and toddlers (on the boat).  

What about food and drink?
We have a cooler with ice so just bring whatever you want to drink. 

Can I drink alcohol on the boat?
If you don't we'll treat you with the same suspicion we reserve for vegetarians and vegans.

How do we get to the boat?
We can collect you free of charge from Paradise Island or next to the Cruise ships in Nassau. 

What happens if the weather is bad?
The trip will be re-scheduled.  The long-range forecast generally allows us to plan a few days ahead.

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